The building department of Sazehaye Abi Company has the following capabilities :

  • Design, calculation, implementation, supervision, consulting of construction projects including brick, stone, concrete and metal
  • Activities in the field of construction and construction of residential, commercial and administrative settlements, improvement and renovation of dilapidated urban and non-urban structures
  • Purchase of necessities, construction of sheds and metal structures, joinery and façade, prefabricated items, concrete tanks, park and city furniture, various structures such as parking lots and pavilions, and implementation of industrial projects and urban facilities
  • Design, supervision, execution, calculation, consulting in building affairs, including concrete and metal
  • Construction of commercial, residential, office and sports complexes and construction of sheds
  • Mass mapping, optimization and reconstruction of worn-out urban and non-urban textures
  • Carrying out all installation affairs, including electrical and mechanical
  • Participation in implementation and construction