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Alternative road of Shahid Madani Reservoir Dam and Tabriz Vanyar Bridge

Project Description :

Construction project of the north road of Shahid Madani dam reservoir and Vanyar bridge with a total length of 2260 + 560 km, access road to salt mines with a total length of 600 + 600 km, Ahar-Tabriz alternative road with a total length of 3.6 km and Vnyar cable bridge per year It started in 1989, which includes all earthworks and technical and paving mirrors.

Road in North of Madani Dam Reservoir and Vanyar Bridge-(2010)

Project Description  :

  • Client: West Azerbaijan Regional Water Authority
  • Location: West Azerbaijan, Iran 
  • Type of Contract: EPC
  • progress: 90%
  • duration of contract: 36 months
  • Project Specification: Road in north of Madani Dam Reservoir with 22.5 km long, access road to the salt mines with 3.6 km long, replace road of Tabriz to Ahar with 3.6 km long and Vanyar cable bridge.