Micro tunneling for transfer sewer from Golestan (Poonak)-(2012)

Project Description :

  • Subject: Implementation of the main network of sewage collection (micro tunneling), 5 km long from Golestan avenue (Poonak), to the waste water treatment plant in Tehran's west-west town of 1000 and 1200 mm in diameter
  • Client: Tehran Sewer Co.
  • Location: Tehran, Iran
  • Contract value: 13.038.105 US Dollar
  • Type of Contract: EPC
  • Progress: 100%.
  • Duration of contract: 10 months
  • Project Specification: Micro Tunneling operations for sewer transfer from sewer lines in Golestan Street (Poonak) to refineries of Qods Town(Tehran).

Micro tunneling for Transfer Main Sewer Lines to South Tehran WWTP-(2017)

Project Description :

  • Client: Tehran sewage
  • Location: Tehran,Iran
  • Contract Value: 8.369.888 US Dollar
  • Type of Contract: P.C
  • Progress: In progress
  • Duration of Contract: 24 months

Execution of construction of manholes and sewage on 1200 and 1400 mm by piping method in District 21 of Tehran Municipality

Project Description :

  • This project has an area of 4985 meters of piping with diameters of 1200 and 1400 mm along with 622 meters of piping in the traditional way.
  • Client: Tehran Sewerage Company