Message from CEO

In the begin age of a quarter country presence, Sazehaye Abi Company is proud of being in charge of construction of the most important water treating and pipelines in Iran. With more than one hundred specialized engineers and qualified technicians and also simultaneous execution of six national projects,Sazehaye Abi is identified as a well-known contractor in water treatment plants and main pipe line in Iran. Furthermore, this company is planning to organize and concentrate its activities to become a unique general contractor not only in Iran also in the region. With brand new vision which equipped by information-era appliances, efficient resource handling and manipulation of the quality management system based on ISO9001 the company is planning to meet the project requirements and specifications clarified by the clients. Evaluation of the company standards and export of technical and engineering services aboard are among the Sazehaye Abi intentions, that I am sure we will achieve with commitment and dedication of my colleagues in the company.

Esmaeil Rajaei NajafAbadi